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Welcome! This website was created on Jun 10 2006 and last updated on Nov 17 2022. The family trees on this site contain 4025 relatives and 1193 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Atkinson Blevens Mueller Loe Families - VA TN MS TX
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Families included are Atkinson (father,) Blevens (mother,) Mueller (father- in-law,) Loe (mother-in-law.) Our parent's ancestors include Bradford,  Tucker, Childress, Hudspeth, Grantham, Busse, Mensching, Lee and many more.

James Robert "Jim" Atkinson prepared incredibly complete and accurate charts for the descendants of  Stephen Childress Atkinson. All of this has been entered into this site.

Ruth Nell Blevens Atkinson (my mother) dictated her recollections of the  Blevens Family to me January 4, 1976.

Charles Aubrey Atkinson (my father) took pictures of family, friends and the  evolving scenes in and around Memphis for about 65 years. Many of these  priceless pictures are included. Lulu.com item 2550435. You may get copies of the originals at  Picasa, online. Send me an email request for the family of interest (Atkinson  ancestors, Jesse/Patsy, Aubrey, Guy, Beulah, Letha, Steve, Bess, Pearl, James  Robert and Jessie Morrow) and I'll send you the link.

Fannie Eoline Selph, (Great grand-father Stephen's sister) author of three  respected books, provided an in person perspective and details. See "Texas,  The Broken Link," "The South in American Life and History," and "Our Schools  and Teachers." She is also referenced in "West Nashville, It's People and  Environs", 1987, Nashville TN (457 pages), Author: Sarah Foster Kelley.

M. Maude Harrison (a descendant of my great grand-father's sister, Belle) wrote, "The Human Touch," a life sketch of Dr. John Louis Atkinson, b. 1810,  in June 17, 1934. Her mother, Calidonia Elizabeth Harrison wrote "Out of a Full Heart" in 1920.

Thomas Edward Atkinson provided the Josiah Samuel Atkinson descendants tree.

The Mary Nichols Britt collection of over 5000 documents that have been micro filmed by the Tennessee State Library has the positive link to the parents of Dr. John Louis Atkinson.

The Atkinson Family Book is available from Lulu.com as a free, color or Black and white PDF that may  be down loaded. Search for Atkinson Family.
 Mueller and Loe family charts are from the Busse and Mensching family reunion books, Beulah W. Newlove, Lawrence H. Mensching, Willis Everett Loe and Anita Loe. Marineal Y. Nickolaus' 1983 book "Yarborough and Related Families" is a huge treasure.

The Loe Family of Waxahachie Book is available from Lulu.com as a free, color or Black and white PDF  that may be down loaded. Search for Loe Family.

Leon W. Jackson produced charts for the Jackson, Thompson, Kirk, Plummer,  Byrum, Patton, Mayfield, Gray, Baxter, Williams, Akins and Meadows lines.  They're clearly hand lettered in his engineering draftsman's style.

Heather Williams did the excellent research for the Daniel B. McFaul site  which contributed more information on the Loe family.

Internet searches lead to many genealogy resources and people searching for information on their ancestors. There are now too many nice researchers to credit them all.

Each marriage links new families to the tree so the subject continues to fascinate and the puzzle can never truly be completed.

Please sign the guest book and let me know of any persons you find in this tree for whom you have additional information or links.

Best wishes,

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Getting Around
There are several ways to browse the family tree. The Tree View graphically shows the relationship of selected person to their kin. The Family View shows the person you have selected in the center, with his/her photo on the left and notes on the right. Above are the father and mother and below are the children. The Ancestor Chart shows the person you have selected in the left, with the photograph above and children below. On the right are the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. The Descendant Chart shows the person you have selected in the left, with the photograph and parents below. On the right are the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Do you know who your second cousins are? Try the Kinship Relationships Tool. Your site can generate various Reports for each name in your family tree. You can select a name from the list on the top-right menu bar.

In addition to the charts and reports you have Photo Albums, the Events list and the Relationships tool. Family photographs are organized in the Photo Index. Each Album's photographs are accompanied by a caption. To enlarge a photograph just click on it. Keep up with the family birthdays and anniversaries in the Events list. Birthdays and Anniversaries of living persons are listed by month. Want to know how you are related to anybody ? Check out the Relationships tool.

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